Pharmacy program is specially designed as per requirement of pharmacy human resources in the existing situation of the country and also in abroad to provide the service of pharmacists even in the industries, public sector hospitals and health care outlets. Till date, large number of pharmacists has been recruited and appropriate pharmaceutical service and pharmacy practice exist in the public sector. The human resource projection report of Nepal Pharmacy council also showed that there is a urgent need of large number of pharmacists in the market. Therefore pharmacy program in basically need and demand based program with an objective of developing skilled technical pharmacists to overcome the current lacking.

Scope of Pharmacy
A pharmacy professional can work as production person in industries manufacturing drugs, synthetic chemicals, cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, dental products, biotechnological product, veterinary medicine, ayurvedic/homeopathic/Unani medicines. A pharmacy professional can work for research & development such as new drug discovery research, method development, quality control, formulation & development clinical trials, bio-equivalence studies and toxicological studies. Marketing of the pharmaceutical products, as qualified drug expert in hospitals, in academics as a teacher, researcher. Regulatory affairs such as locally the Foods & Drugs Control Administration, department of drug administration graduate pharmacist can work as levels of a drug inspector or officer.

Faculty Member

  1. Mr. Saroj Kumar Baral (Msc Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Greenwich)
  2. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jha (M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics, Rajiv Gandi University of Health and Science )
  3. Mr. Nabin Wagle (M. Pharmacy in Pharmacology, Jawaharlal Nerhu Technological University)
  4. Mr. Puskal Bhandari (M.Pharmacy in Pharmacology, Rajiv Gandi University of Health and Science)