About the College

Welcome to Valley College of Technical Sciences (VCTS), the most comprehensive choice of the students for the speciality in Pharmacy and Public Health sector. VCTS was established in 2008 AD having two departments namely Department of Public Health and Department of Pharmacy, with the aim of providing quality education in the areas of health sciences. We always focus our students and their professional career. We are dedicated to deliver the high quality competitive health education to promote the quality of life for our students. We believe that such efforts must make this college speciality in health sciences.


Why choose us ?

  • To generate the proficient health professionals having practical based education.
  • To enhance the capabilities of students through the experimental resources for scientific contribution to discover the new drugs.
  • To prepare the human resources for the industries, community health sectors and health research centers.
  • To develop the skilled persons for the maximization of patients’ response to drug related issue(s).
  • To build up infrastructural capacity of both faculty and students in technology to improve teaching and learning of health sciences.
  • To carry out various training and research activities in the area of health science and technology.